Westgate Optometry

We know that seeing clearly and having healthy eyes is critical for appreciating your life to the fullest. Our goal is to provide you with vision correction that meets your various needs while using up-to-date technology and resources to find and manage disease as early as possible. Our optometrist, Dr. Sondra Yeomans, collaborates with other health care professionals such as physicians and ophthalmologists to maintain a circle of care. She has solid experience providing care to people of all ages and abilities, those who are healthy and those who are medically challenged. With over 25 years practicing in the Ottawa area, Dr. Yeomans is dedicated to ensuring you receive professional, compassionate and individualized vision care.

Vision Management

Your examination will start with many questions, designed to help us understand your lifestyle, computer use and work or school demands. A thorough evaluation of how the eyes function individually and together as well as designing your optimal prescription(s) will then occur. This will be followed by an extensive visual health assessment. First time patients should expect dilating drops to be used. They blur the eyes and make them light-sensitive for several hours. State of the art diagnostic equipment is available and used to help baseline, diagnose and manage your eye wellness over a lifetime.

Eighty percent of what we learn is through our eyes.

A Healthy Retina; Digital Photography